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command-tab, command-q, mac connecting to mac

Michael Roman 4 years ago updated 1 year ago 6

Connectwise v6.5.16358.6610

command-tab, command-q do NOT get passed through to the mac being controlled.

command-q quits screenconnect on the controlling mac instead of whatever app is running on the controlled mac

command-tab switches apps on the controlling mac instead of switching apps on the controlled mac

Other command key shortcuts work as expected

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this is still an annoying issue...

Hi Michael,

My understanding is that this is not fixable. I could be wrong but-

command-Q and command-tab 

are reserved by the operating system to only trigger on local machines. Yes I know it might work on ARD but I suspect that's Apple giving themselves features that they won't allow others to have...

AnyDesk (http://anydesk.com) passes command-Q and command-tab - I JUST successfully tested it. As I recall, Logmein (http://anydesk.com) also passed command-key sequences to the remote machine, so it is not just Apple that can do this.

ok, thanks for the correction Michael. to be honest I haven't expected that functionality in any remote product and I changed my behaviour- I use the mouse instead of key combos as I've been caught too many times accidentally closing the app. But I would agree it would be nice to have, cheers

when I use Windows, I use the mouse instead of key combos.

when I use Mac, I use key combos a lot more. I wish I had  dollar for every time I've disconnected from a remote session when what I really wanted was to quit an app on the remote Mac...

2 years and still no action on this issue?