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please addition fonction to disable transition animation version on 6 is to slow 900 guest

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please addition fonction to disable transition animation version on 6 is to slow 900 guest and is no good for group of people excuse me my language is french , for me on click on all  access and slow animation if possible to add fonction on config to disable the transition animation of  you software 

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Yes, there must be a way to disable the animations!


Especially for a remote support software it should be a primary goal not use use eye candy under all circumstances. Not when controlling a client, and, not in the management  UI.

Instead of adding features which do only waste time, use your time to enhance remote support for Client-PCs using windows 10 better by automatically removing all animations/transitions/shadows/translucent items.


Completely useless function in a working environment.

What's the ETA on disabling the animations please?

I read Scott's comment on this, here. I'm hoping this is not true as we require a way to completely disable animations indefinitely.


disable this feature please. It slows down host client access and may put additional usage on those of use who host our server on Azure.


I find this very distracting and it seems to move my cursor from the box I need to be typing in back to the search for agent box. Then I type and hit enter and the results are unpredictable. Very very frustrating for visual effect I would choose to disable anyway. 


These are awful.  A complete waste of our time, the client's time, and your time.  Your target audience loathes these animations.  People who like them will not be using ScreenConnect.  They will be off playing Candy Crush.


Agree with everyone else - I get that product teams want to make things look "nicer" - however, this is a product that's a utility, and as such, reasonable looks are nice, but it is a tool, and speed is everything. I turn off most windows animations due to the time is takes to load start menu items, etc.


Hi All,

An option will be available to disable the animation, but improvements were made to the animation and load time. The transition is more subtle and load time was reduced greatly. This will roll out in 6.7 canary, which may be in a week or so, barring development delays. 


These animations are a waste of time. Make it disabled by default please. ScreenConnect is not a game, it's a tool.


I'm happy that this is planned to be implemented. In the interim, I've created a UserScript to (mostly) disable this. Note this is not anything official at all, just my own workaround.

My script: https://gist.github.com/djahren/2bd8a1274d83c5661789969f87a815f8
How to install user scripts: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/applying-javascript-user-scripts-2e505643644d


I'm glad an option to disable is coming but I question why this was added in the first place. I'm all for new features but this seems like a waste of time for everyone involved and I'm slightly bothered that precious dev time was wasted on something so pointless.

Anyone who has done remote support for long enough knows that animation (or anything that moves) is horrible over a remote connection, especially slower connections. It does nothing except slow things down.

I access the ScreenConnect interface itself remotely all the time and this was an unwelcome and pointless change.

The ScreenConnect interface should not have any animation, ever. If you insist on it please include an option to disable from the moment it is released.

Thank you.

It's still happening! Where do we download the fix to completely 100% disable the animations today?

Hi Ben, 

We'll rollout the update with 6.7. The first release of 6.7 may be out this week, barring any delays. 

You will find, once available, the 6.7 release notes and instructions on how to upgrade here

Hi Kirsten,

I checked and it's still not available. Do you have an updated ETA? I'm getting motion sick from these awful animations!

Hey Ben,

Unfortunately, 6.7 was pushed two weeks out (mid-July).  

Where do we download the fix?

I downloaded 6.7.18982.6761 with high hopes that the animations would be disabled by default. Unfortunately, it was a sickening experience, as the animations were still present. Where is the settings to disable them permanently?


Wonderful, thank-you! Glad it only took a third of a year to fix this.

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