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Error In SDK

Zishan 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2


Ian using connectwise .Net SDK 2017.2 and .Net SDK 2018.2.

When am calling a Method  GetCatalog(conditions: "Identifier = 'XYZ#ABA'") of CatalogsItemApi ,in condition am passing a Identifier name,In some cases my Identifier  name contains special character like #,& etc,that time this method gives 400 Error but if with the same Identifier i call to CreateCatalog() method it create the catalog item with Identifier contains special character.

Please suggest me a solution that how can i call  Method  GetCatalog() with Identifier contains special character,

I also tried the HTML Encode.

Thanks In Advance.


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Hey Zishan,

To be clear, is this a bug with the Manage SDK?

This forum is for bugs with the ConnectWise Control product specifically.

hi Scott,

Yes  this a bug with the Manage SDK.