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Device trust reset

jon.alexander 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

I altered the device expiry from 30 to 0 to disable the option for device trust. However, a few users had already checked the box, and snuck through. I know this is only a security risk for about 28 more days, but that could be long enough.

Is there a way to force a reset, if someone had already checked the box before I changed the setting, without having them clear their cache/cookies on their browser?

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I apologize. This is not a bug. I'm not sure how to migrate it to a thread.

Aaaaand also, I was thinking of trying to alter the web.config file to at least decrease to 1 day, and then disable. I don't know if it will work like that though as I don't know xml.

<add key="TrustDeviceExpireDays" value="1" />
<add key="TrustDeviceExpireDays" value="0" />

P.S I realize at this point I'm talking to myself