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Linux Mint 18.3 xcfe - X windows, connect, login works but unable to control desktop

Bob Rion 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 5

Linux Mint 18.3, OpenJava 9, XFCE desktop, agent 6.5 installed, 

  • Connect to agent - OK
  • X Login screen - OK 
  • Session displays normal X Desktop.   Double Mouse cursor - one in the upper  left quadrant of the screen - moves somewhat in relation to other mouse pointer which moves across all of the screen.
  • Mouse appears inoperative - move to launch a program or left / right click no response from remote system.
  • Server - Trial - latest stable
  • Host Agent version  ScreenConnect_6.5.16479.6613_Release
ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
Host Client Affected:
Guest Client Affected:
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I tested the 6.5 client on a Mint 18.3 guest using XFCE and Java 9, but was unable to reproduce the behavior you describe:

Can you run the following command to get the log contents for your client and post them here (the x's denote your server's public thumbprint):

tail -250 /var/log/screenconnect-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Ben - checking on progress - I updated with more information

Ben - sorry I was out of town and my trail appears to have expired.

Ben - Please see attached screenshots - the log does contain a few java exceptions.   When I login to the system with ConnectWise I get logged in, However notice the dual mouse cursors on the screen capture.  At this point I have no control to the remote system just the desktop is present.  Note - there are multiple GPUs in this system and it is headless.

Ben - any updates - ?