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Guest Session Starter Extensions - Broken

FAB-ITRescue 4 years ago updated by Jeffrey Klassen 4 years ago 12

The following Extensions have been broken and disabled by 6.5.16358.6610

Guest Full Installer Builder in Action Panel

Guest Session Starter Exe

It is now impossible to install a Remote Access Session from the Web interface.

Please reinstate & assist the authors of the extensions to return functionality.

ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
Host Client Affected:
Guest Client Affected:

Please add the

Remote Desktop Manager Extension

to the list of adversely affected extensions.

I'm not seeing the same behavior testing 6.5.16358 on both windows and mono servers.

What exact error are you seeing?  Is it a Load Error?  If so, what message appears when you hover your mouse over the Load Error text?

Waiting for information

Yes it's a Load Error.

Error validating signature: Signature not found.

for both Guest Session Extensions.

The Error for Remote Desktop Manager Extension is again a Load Error but more complex: error CS0103: The name 'FormsAuthenticationModule' does not exist in the current context. 

Have you made any manual changes to either the Guest Full Installer in Action Panel or Guest Session Starter Exe extensions?

Also, can you confirm that you're using the latest version of each extension:

Guest Full Installer in Action Panel : version 1.5

Guest Session Starter Exe: version 1.2.1

Please also confirm you're using the latest version of the Remote Desktop Manager extension, version 2.0. I believe the forms auth issue has been resolved in the latest iteration.



No Changes made to any of the extensions, (other than configuring the extensions' settings)

Yes Latest versions of GFIiAP & GSSE

The RDM was version 1.7 and was not listing as out of date or superseded.

I installed version 2 & it sat next to version 1.7 rather than updating it.

As an aside:

I note that a number of extensions have been updated since I posted this issue (just 3 days ago). Some form of pro-active notification is necessary & a log of updates detailing fixes or improvements would be useful to identify the reason to update.  I thought this was in progress some months back?

Status unchanged - what more information can I supply?

It would appear that EU who have previously downloaded the GSSE onto their desktop are also prevented from creating a Guest session.  I guess I should expect this if the Extension isn't running server side.

But now I've got a bunch of EU customers who are generally computer illiterate - who can't raise assistance when they need me.

This is urgent.

did you clone and/or modify the extensions in any way?

See my answer 3 posts back - NO.

In GFIiAP I set the UsePassword to True & I specified a Password.

In GSSE I set the Application.FileName & The Application.Title to Custom values.

These are configured in the Extensions' Edit Settings menus and haven't been changed or edited since the extensions were 1st installed (and working).

But I have not altered the original code for the extensions in anyway.  The answer is NO.

at this point it's probably best to open a support ticket as we have no other reports of the behavior and I cannot see how it might've happened if the extension's contents haven't been modified.

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