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access > build > download runs installer

KevinP 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 3 years ago 3

Manage v2017.6 (50916)
Control v6.4.15787.6556

When I create a new Access session and chose the download option, I get a build progress dialog followed immediately by an installer dialog and then UAC prompt.

Essentially, the download option runs the installer instead of prompting to select a download location.  The web version behaves correctly.

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Good morning,

What do you mean by "The web version behaves correctly"? Are you downloading the access installer from the Control host page (the access installer shouldn't automatically execute after download). Does the behavior occur on multiple browsers?



Hi Ben,

Sorry for the confusion.

The bug I'm reporting is only for the ScreenConnect interface in the ConnectWise Manage application, as shown below.

The screenshot I provided in my initial report shows the popup I get when using the CWManage method.

By contrast, if I use the ScreenConnect interface in a web browser (https://d1sw.screenconnect.com/host#access/), I do not experience the bug, and instead get the expected popup, as shown below.

Under review

Thank you for clarifying. I've passed along your report to the Manage team for review.