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trigger with http action and filter and complex body fails on 6.4.15787.6556

shawnkhall 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 3

After installing 6.4.15787.6556 my triggers that used HTTP actions and have complex bodies and filters no longer fire.

Triggers with email, and generic triggers with HTTP actions without complex bodies and filters continue to work, however. This is detailed further here.

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I reviewed your other forum post, but I'm unable to replicate the behavior using an HTTP trigger. I tested a trigger that makes a call to the HipChat API from 6.4 and 6.5 Control servers; in both cases, this trigger works as expected:

Name: HipChat

Event Filter: Event.EventType = 'SentMessage' AND Connection.ProcessType = 'Guest' AND Session.HostConnectedCount = 0

URL: https://api.hipchat.com/v2/room/[room id]/notification?auth_token=[auth id]


Content Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Body: message_format=text&message={Event.Data:u}

Perhaps you can update the trigger body to URL-encode the data, i.e.:




I tried url-encoding the information, and it still didn't work.

Is there a debugging mechanism for the triggers? Any way to see whether the server received the information and what information is actually sent or received? Did the underlying code relating to the trigger action behavior change in the 6.4.15787.6556 release?

I setup a page on one of my sites to harvest the information as it was published and the CC trigger action is not using a user-agent. I'm not seeing any requirements on the integromat side that would prevent it from receiving the triggered request, but this could be responsible.

As a workaround I setup routine in the php page that I am using as part of my logging routine which collects the information. The new routine checks for SentMessage and NeedsAcknowledgment, and performs a remote request to trigger the notification on its own. That is working fine.

Any chance you could conduct a network capture using netmon or wireshark while the trigger executes and makes the web request to Integromat? I think the capture would shed some light on the communication between you server and the Integromat endpoint, and hopefully pinpoint what's preventing the desired behavior.