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extensions screen blank

MrEastwood 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

This bug has been bugging me now for almost the entire year, and while it isn't seriously important, I thought by now it would be fixed but apparently not. Running SC on my local Win 10 Pro machine, version 6.3.13446.6374 (although like i said it's been around a long time). I can see every page just fine except for when I click on Extensions, Browse Online Extensions. This is ONLY using Chrome (obviously, latest update). That page is blank. I see the close [X] in the upper right and the borders, just not anything in them. Tried incognito window but still doesn't work. Have been just jumping over to Edge browser to see the online extensions. Surprised there are no other reports of this.

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This didn't replicate in our testing with Chrome. If you open Chrome's dev tools, what does the network tab show when you open the extension browser? In particular, what response are you receiving for the request to Extension-Browse:

It's all blank, not too familiar with it to figure out how to get those fields to appear?

You'll need to navigate to the network tab in the browser dev tools prior to launching the extension browser modal to capture the request.

In any case, I'm almost positive that the issue has to do with one or more of your browser extensions interfering with the extension browser modal. You can try disabling browser extensions and relaunching the extension browser modal to figure out which extension is interfering.



Hi Ben, okay. Let me ask you this first, let's say you're 100% right and there is a browser extension causing this. Will you do anything about it? Or just tell me to not use that extension? Just wondering if I should bother with this exercise.