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Keyboard does not work on android with physical keyboard

Human 4 years ago updated by Brent Wagner 1 year ago 1

On BlackBerry native Android phones the keyboard does not work as the on-screen keyboard won't show up when moved to landscape mode, and there's no way to force the on-screen keyboard to show in Connective Control, and the ALT and SYM buttons on the physical keyboard to enter special characters doesn't show the on-screen keyboard to be able to enter those characters, nor does it enter the correct special character when holding the ALT key as it does in every other Android app.

This is on the BlackBerry KeyOne, running Android Nougat 7.1.1, security patch level Nov 7th, 2017.

However, this issue has always occurred on physical keyboard ScreenConnect, including on Moto Droid 4, BlackBerry PRIV, etc.

This could be worked around in old versions simply by clicking the button to force show/hide the Connectwise Control on-screen keyboard even when a physical keyboard is detected. However, that button is now missing on new builds of Connectwise Control for Android, and the old ScreenConnect for Android has even more bugs and is un-usable with modern builds of the server, as the mouse does not work.

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I just purchased a Lenovo Duet ChromeOS tablet and this same issue occurs even when the physical keyboard is detached. The button to show the onscreen keyboard is missing. It's probably related to the reported bug.

Hoping this can be solved as I bought the tablet to be able to use Connectwise Control on a larger screen than the smartphone I have been using