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Black Screen

SaraAsla 4 years ago updated by Geoffrey_B 3 years ago 4

When I go to type ADMIN password or try and switch to ADMIN the screen goes black. This is under a support session. I also tried to download screen connect but it wants a password so that is not an option right now for this PC.  

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Good morning,

On what operating system are you encountering this behavior? If you send a CAD to the guest machine through the Control support session, are you presented with a credentials window in which to enter administrator credentials (these creds are used to elevate the session to service mode)?



Good morning,, 

I've the same problem sometime when I take control directy or with a code session on windows 10 computers.

Sometimes screen is not black but I can't move the mouse, just the keyboard and session user is automaticly blocked. 

If I restart the computer, it's work. Do you know if a fix existing ? 

Does the behavior affect all Windows 10 machines you connect to?

What version of Control are you using?

It's not with all windows 10 computers. Juste sometimes... 

We used version 6.0.11622.6115