Start menu erroneously opens after using Windows-key combo

jpierce 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 4

Using the Windows key in a combination (Windows+R to open the run command or Windows+E to open explorer window, for instance).  The combo executes successfully (run command opens, explorer window opens), but when the Windows key is released the start menu also opens.

Guest OS affected:

Windows 7/8/10

Host OS affected:

MacOS 10.13

ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
Host Client Affected:
Guest Client Affected:

Good afternoon,

I was able to replicate the behavior described in this post in our development environment.

It seems that the behavior only replicates when an OS X host sends a Win key keyboard shortcut to a Windows guest by typing Command+key; if a Windows host sends the same keyboard shortcut to the same Windows guest by typing Win+key, the start menu does not open when the host releases the Win key.

In any case, I've registered an issue with development, and it's currently under investigation.




Thanks for looking into it.  FWIW, it just started happening with last month's update (6.3 I believe).


What's the ETA on this fix?  I just updated to the newest pre-release, and it's still happening.  This is very annoying, and it makes me look clumsy and inept in front of my clients.


While I'm unable to offer a set-in-stone ETA for a fix at this time, the issue has been registered with development, and it's actively under investigation.