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Unable to close pop up windows

Neos Systems 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 3

Cannot click on 'X' to close pop up windows. I.e. after joining a session, you cannot close the window that says Joining session etc. Happens with all windows like this. 

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Good afternoon,

I wasn't immediately able to replicate this behavior.

Please update this thread with answers to the following questions:

1) Are you cloud or self-hosting Control?

2) If self-hosted, on which OS have you installed the Control server?

3) Does this behavior occur in all browsers? On which browsers have you tested for this behavior?

4) Have you installed any extensions on your Control server? If so, which extensions? If you disable all extensions, does the behavior persist?

5) If you open the browser development tools (F12 in most cases), does the browser console record any information when you click the X to close a modal?



Hi Ben,

We are using a self-hosted control system. It is hosted on a CentOS 6.4 server.

I have tested this behavior on the latest versions of the following browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer & Edge. As far as I know, there are no extensions installed on this control server.

I have also tested it on the console window of dev tools and found no errors except for 404 errors on some unrelated png images.

We also have an official license if that helps you in any way.

Much appreciated,


Not a bug

Thanks for providing an update. I re-tested for this behavior by installing the 6.4.15361 server onto a Centos 7.4 VM. After I logged into the host page in Chrome and Firefox, I was able to close modals without issue.

At this point, you may want to reach out to ConnectWise Control support for additional assistance with your Control server:




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