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I've noticed the Status Page, Version Check, no longer offers you a drop down when there is a warning or otherwise. For example, last week I updated because I saw that the Version Check was in a warning state. From this screen you used to be able to see what version you're running as well as the latest eligible version. Again today, I was presented with the warning and same result. I updated to the release from the 14th. There's still no drop down selection 

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This issue should be resolved in the forthcoming 6.6 release of ConnectWise Control.

Waiting for information

I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're describing. Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing on the status tab?



Exactly as described. When the local version is out of date the Version Check on the status page would be yellow with a warning. Beside the warning there USED to be a drop down arrow that allows you to expand the Version Check and see that you're running version blah blah and there is an updated version blah blah. Along with a link to the download site.

Here's a screenshot. However I've already updated so the warning is not present.

Exactly what is stated on your documentation


ConnectWise Control On-Premises

Check your eligibility

Before upgrading, check to see if your license is eligible for an upgrade.

1. Go to your Status page.

2. Expand the "Version Check" box.

The Version Check will list the following information:

  • Your Version – The version of ConnectWise Control that is currently installed
  • Latest Version – The latest version of that has been released
  • Latest Eligible Version – The latest version that is permitted by your plan or license
  • Download Location – Where to download the upgrade 

This was what it used to look like. Now there is no drop down, only the warning. So without knowing what version you're running already, and what version is coming next, you have to go to your website and see whats what.

Looks like I lied. The drop down arrow is there, it's just the same color as the background I have so it's basically invisible. Feel free to delete this bug or make the arrow white? I don't think there's  way to change the color of that arrow icon in the themes.


We're investigating the best way to resolve this issue in forthcoming releases of Control. We had a fix for the behavior you describe; it worked in most browsers, but the status chevron was still invisible in Internet Explorer when using a dark theme, so we're still working out the best solution.

I'll change the status of this post to "Started", which means a resolution is under way, but not currently available.

Like you mentioned, you can still click the location of the invisible chevron to view status check details.

Thank you!

I thought I was going crazy


This issue should be resolved in the forthcoming 6.6 release of ConnectWise Control.

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