Certain full screen events retain their image

Michiel Hazelhof 4 years ago updated by Eric Davis 3 years ago 9

After performing certain fullscreen events (most notably the windows logon screen) on multi monitor setups with only the primary monitor viewed the last image is retained untill the viewed screen is switched.

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Good afternoon,

I was able to reproduce the behavior you describe by connecting to a triple-monitor guest machine and having the host view the guest's primary monitor only. When the guest logs into the machine, the host's view of the primary monitor is not updated until the host switches the view back to all monitors.

Note: I was unable to replicate this behavior by connecting to dual-monitor Windows 10 guests. The behavior seems to only occur when viewing the primary monitor on a triple-monitor guest. Have you observed this behavior on double-monitor guests?

In any case, I registered an issue with development, and it's currently under investigation.



What I've experienced is:

When you connect to an access session and the destination machine has more than one monitor and the local client is focused on one monitor. (Can be any remote number greater than 1 and any local number focused less than remote max)

IF the remote machine locks, or run as admin is requested, or ctrl-alt-del is sent (basically anything that changes your focus from the desktop); 

THEN the local screen will not update until all monitors are displayed at one time OR visiting each monitor separately. 

Commonly I use it with a 3 monitor remote system and a 3 monitor local system. Under this condition and when I open each remote monitor in its own window and place them on each local monitor, then display updates occur as you would expect. 

When using a two monitor local system against a three monitor remote system and placing two of the remote monitors on the local displays it will not update, until one of the two local windows displays the 3rd monitor. 

So basically if num displayed < num available then updates do not continue when focus leaves the desktop.  But you do not have to display them all at once to get an update, just make sure you cycle through all the displays and it will update when you show the last one. 


Good morning,

Good to hear you were able to replicate it, hope it gets fixed soon as this bug is quite annoying.



This also happens when a UAC prompt comes up. It will not show until you switch to view all screens. I was able to replicate it on my work machine with 4 monitors.


Is there any update from Dev on this one?

It's causing quite a lot of frustration with my team as they have to keep switching screens when a UAC prompt appears.

Thank you

Hello, I have to close the session and go back in to be able to refresh the screen. Switching to all monitors does not work for me.


Good afternoon all,

This behavior should be resolved in the forthcoming 6.5 stable release of ConnectWise Control.

Once 6.5 is released, you'll need to update your host/guest clients to 6.5 in order to make the fix operative.



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