Not a bug

When i switch languages its not sync with client

Nati Zekri 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 4

when i switch language with the 

Alt + Shift combo 

it switching in both side and 

if my computer was in Eng 

and the other was with Heb

it goes crazy .

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Good morning Nati,

You are correct that SHIFT+LEFT ALT changes the host/guest language settings -- this is expected behavior as of 6.4. 

However, if you type LEFT ALT+SHIFT (make sure to type left alt before typing shift), this should now toggle the language on the guest machine only.

Can you confirm that LEFT ALT+SHIFT toggles the guest's language only when the client window is active?



Hi thanks for the replay 

i try it and it still doesn't work

the lang is switching in the two machine 

so it goes wrong 

and needed to set manually .


any update ? 

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