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Caps Lock Inverted

mrizzo 4 years ago updated by Dan Pallies 8 months ago 9

When first remoting into a system, it does not recognize the status of your keyboard's caps lock. Thus, the Caps lock on the remote system may be inverted.

For example, if I remote into a system with my CAPS on (and that system, the caps is off), it does not recognize that my caps is on.

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Good morning,

I was unable to replicate the described behavior in our development environment. To facilitate troubleshooting, please update this thread with the following information:

1) What is the host machine's operating system (the OS of the machine from which you are connecting)?

2) What is the guest machine's operating system (the OS of the machine to which the host connects)?



This has been happening to us for awhile now. We have the same control/screenconnect version as OP.

Host: Windows 10
Guest: Windows 7, various Windows Server OSs.

Yes, it is pretty clearly a bug. I probably wouldn't have noticed except my admin password is in all CAPS :)


Unfortunately, this has been happening for as long as I can remember.  It definitely goes back to the 5.x version.  The target host would claim CAPS Lock is on (Windows login or other application login boxes) when in fact it is not enabled.

Perhaps coincidence, but I've only ever seen it falsely state CAPS Lock is on.  I've not come across it acting as if CAPS Lock is off when it is in fact on.  Again, this may be coincidence since I pretty much never use CAPS Lock.

It's happened for so long and happens so frequently I automatically ignore CAPS Lock warnings whenever using SC.  I'd love to see this fixed!


Connecting from Windows 10 (Don't recall if I was running Windows 7 on my management PC at the time we started using SC)

Connecting to Windows 7, 8, 10, Server 2008/R2, Server 2012/R2, Server 2016

Under review

Good morning,

Thank you to everyone that's commented on this.

I think I've replicated the behavior outlined in this thread:

1) Windows 10 host machine initially has caps lock enabled

2) While host has caps lock enabled, connect to Windows 10 guest machine, where guest machine does not have caps lock enabled and guest machine is at the login screen

3) Type password into login screen -- the login fails because the host machine has caps lock enabled, whereas the guest machine does not have caps lock enabled

4) Disable caps lock on the host machine -- this enables caps lock on the guest machine (the guest login screen now indicates that caps lock is enabled)

5) Type password into login screen --  the login now succeeds, even though caps lock is enabled on the guest machine. When the host types in to the guest machine, text is treated as if caps lock is not enabled on the guest (even though it is).

Needless to say, this behavior makes for a confusing situation.

I have registered an issue to be reviewed by development/product management.



To be clear, I have the resulting problem frequently - CAPS lock falsely stated as being on/enabled when using SC to connect to remote systems.  However, CAPS lock was/never is enabled on my machine or the target machine I'm connecting to.

I'm guessing this is still a bug? I have this happen a lot. 

Still an issue for me as well. Happens all the time.

This is still a persistent issue.