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2 keys that are mapped incorrectly when using english-hebrew keyboard

David S. 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2


I noticed 2 keys that are mapped incorrectly when using an English and Hebrew keyboard.

when in hebrew layout and typing the dot key (.) no matter if next to the shift or in the num-pad I get the letter ץ instead of the dot (.)

also when trying to type forward slash (/) when in hebrew layout it will give the dot (.)

here is a video to demonstrate the problem

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Good morning David,

I believe the behavior you're observing is a side effect of the manner by which Control attempts to map keys among various languages. In essence, the guest client picks up on the guest's keyboard layout immediately after if processes the first key generated by the host, and then uses this layout to process all additional keyboard messages, regardless of the actual language associated with subsequent keystrokes.

Because of this, when you switch from an English to Hebrew guest keyboard layout during an active session, the guest client attempts to map host-generated Hebrew keystrokes to an English keyboard, which causes the anomalous behavior.

To confirm this, can you please try the following:

1) Switch the guest machine's language to Hebrew

2) Disconnect from the guest machine

3) Reinstall the client on the guest machine by pushing a Reinstall command from the host page

4) Switch the host's keyboard layout to Hebrew

5) Connect to the guest machine (confirm that the host and guest machines' keyboard layouts are both set to Hebrew)

6) Begin typing into the guest machine -- the "Q" and "/" keys should be mapped correctly


now after update to 6.4.15002.6500

ALT-SHIFT to switch language stopped working all together 

please revert it to the way it was.