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View search results in other session types

stefan.pirhofer 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 1

I recently updated to ScreenConnect Version 6.3 and tried the "view search results - function".

"...If no search results are found but there are matching search results in other session types, you can click a link to view these results...."

As far as i have seen this is only working, if a role has permission to view the "all machines" access session.

e.g. role has permissions to view access session from group A and B. if group A is selected and you are searching for a session which is only a member of group B , you will get no search results. if the same role has permission to view all machines, you will get a search result "found in all machines".

Because most of our customer roles don´t have permission to "all machines" , it would be great to get "found in groub B" as a result.

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Thank you for reporting this behavior. I have registered an issue with development and it's currently under investigation. I will update this thread after development has completed its investigation.