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Red dot chat message indicator is hidden if host page not wide enough

Sam Segura 4 years ago updated by Mayfield 2 years ago 18

The red dot is positioned after the description of the machine.  It is only visible if the Host page is maximized or stretched out to the right enough.

On a 1920x1080 monitor,

If anything less, it looks like this.  It gets covered up by the other elements in the page, elements that provide no information.


It would be more helpful (useful) if the positioning of the red dot were at the beginning of the description.


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+1. Much needed. It is so hard sometimes to find a specific machine with unread messages. Already tried to make a group with "UnacknowledgedEventCount > 0" but it doesn't work like it should... Machine disappears from group after clicking on chat button.

This is really much needed.

Under Review

Would be nice if there were a sound/screen notification we can turn on.

ETA when it will be released?

The fix for this issue should be included in the 6.5 release of ConnectWise Control.



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