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Wake lock not working server 2008 on 6.3

RyanG 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

We only have a few 2008 servers so this could have been an issue for longer than just version 6.3. 2008R2 not affected, just 2008 vanilla.

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Good afternoon,

I wasn't able to reproduce this behavior in our development environment after connecting to a vanilla Windows 2008 (non-R2) server. After connecting to the test server, I selected "Acquire" under the "Acquire Wake Lock" option in the Miscellaneous menu. At no point during the connection did the Win2k8 server put the monitor to sleep or display a screensaver. The Win2k8 guest's monitor went to sleep after I released the wake lock.

The wake lock functionality is relatively straightforward, and relies on making a call to a well-documented Windows API. Since this behavior does not reproduce in our environment, could you update this thread with some additional information:

1) Please describe how wake lock is not working in your environment

2) Does the wake lock functionality not work on all Windows 2008 servers in your environment, or only some?



We have auto-wake lock configured so everything we connect to should remain wake-locked until we disconnect. I did try turning it off and on again the the UI without disconnecting though and the machine still re-locked after a few minutes. I'm working on 4 2008 servers currently, all at different clients, and all 4 lock after a few minutes of inactivity.

I believe that is all the 2008 servers I have to test with so I'm not sure how to expand the testing. This does happen with other users in our office as well for these servers.