android s7 users are being prompted to install old 5.5 client screenconnect app from play store instead of new Control app. we are using control 6.3

Vince Russo 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 3
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When i directed a guest to our screenconnect website on their S7, they entered the code and then were prompted to install screenconnect for samsung from the play store, instead of the new connectwise control app. The screenconnect for samsung app could connect then immedatilly disconnect. Directed my user to uninstall the screenconnect for samsung app and manully search the play store for the Control app. After she installed that we worked fine. 


Good morning,

We made a change to the launch handler that prevents Samsung device users from being automatically redirected to download the Samsung app. This update should be included in the next release.



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