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Connections disapearing from Access List and I can't re-add them

Adam Bottjen 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 3

I've already noticed 3 connections that disappeared off my access list. 1 was a customer and 2 were my own machines. If I  try to "Install Access" again they never show back up on the list.

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Good afternoon,

Is it possible that the sessions that have disappeared from your access list were inadvertently ended?

Is the access client still installed on your two machines; the client will show up as ScreenConnect Client (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) under install programs, where the x's denote your server's public thumbprint? If so, can you completely uninstall the client from the machine and reinstall it? After reinstalling it, does the session show up in your list of access sessions?



It appears uninstalling and reinstalling did correct the issue. After uninstalling and reinstall and then after "Installing Access" they came back.  The customers machine was one i know I accidentally hit end on. I thought it would just end the session but once I did that it disappeared from the list.

The version numbers in the programs and features prior to uninstall seemed to be the current 6.3 version.

Any reason why this happened?

Thanks for your help

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