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Unable to create characters with ALT-GR, such as |,{,[,],} on linux

jarle 4 years ago updated by Gavan Duffy 3 years ago 4

When connecting to an unattended Ubuntu 16.04 client from Ubuntu 16.04 client, I am unable to create any characters which involde ALT-GR. I am unable to type |,{,[,],} etc.

Both computers use Norwegian keyboard

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Good afternoon,

I was able to replicate the behavior you describe in our development environment and have registered an issue.



Known issue

Good morning,

We've looked into this behavior over the past couple days and discovered that the inability to process special German/Norwegian/etc. characters is an inherent limitation of Java.

As such, I am marking this thread as a known issue (maybe more accurately characterized as a known limitation) while our product management team reviews the functionality.




Thank you for your reply. The problem includes characters like |,{,[,],} which are not special norwegian characters.

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I have what seems like a similar problem when accessing Linux systems through a putty terminal that executes on a Windows machine which provides the Screen Connect connection.  This only happens at some Screen Connect locations. The Screen Connect PC that I am connecting to is configured to use a French keyboard.  Characters I cannot type. which for me are normal keyboard characters are | # { } ~ 

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