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Linux: Annotations do not work on Linux clients

Matthias Henze 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 5

Annotations for Linux clients are greyd out.

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Good morning,

Would you mind providing clarification regarding your environment and the behavior you're observing (annotations worked as expected for a Linux support and meeting guest after the host selected the annotation "All Draw" option when I tested on 6.3.13446 this morning):

1) Are you noticing this behavior on Support, Meeting, and/or Access sessions?

2) After the Linux guest connects to the session, is the host enabling the All Draw annotation option after sharing their screen (the option is represented by a button with three adjacent, vertically-oriented pens in the host client)?

3) After the host shares their screen and enables the All Draw annotation option, is the Linux guest able to draw on the host's monitor?



1) I only use Access at the moment and if I can ever buy in the majority of cases.

2 ) See screen shot, the host uses the Java client as the host is Linux too.

3) the problem is that I'm not able to enable the "All Draw" annotation option.

For me the goal is to draw on the guests screen. A "view only and point" mode without interfering with the guests mouse would be nice to have too. This is available e.b. in Bomgar ... is it missing or did I miss it?

Good morning,

I retested for this behavior today, and was unable to replicate using an Ubuntu 16.04 host/guest and the latest pre-release of Control, version 6.4.14094. After I joined the access session as a Linux host, I was able to select "Host Draw" from the annotation's select mode menu and draw on the guest's screen without issue.

Are you by any chance using the free version of ConnectWise Control? If so, this functionality has been restricted. If not, does the behavior reproduce from multiple Linux host machines, or only when hosting from a particular machine?




I dropped Screenconnect completely as there is no chance to get decent Linux support and German keyboard layout. Without both it's useless for me. I will most likely use ISL.

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