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When right clicking on a computer's name in the list, the action will actually affect a different row if a different row is highlighted. Highly confusing to user.

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May not 100% meet the definition of a "bug" but definitely very undesirable behavior that just caused me to lose access to a computer that was difficult to get access to in the first place.

Here is the situation. We have a list of access hosts. One of them is "selected", ie, highlighted due to having been clicked on.

The user then puts the mouse cursor over the name of a different host. The user right-clicks and selects an option, such as "end".

That action will actually affect the row that is highlighted, even if that is far away from the mouse cursor. As a result, user may do things like change the name of or end sessions on the wrong machine.

For that matter, since ending remote access is such a big deal (it may be very difficult to re-establish, requiring boots on the ground, locating a server, etc). the system should at least make sure the user really does want to end a particular session. In this case, if the system had said "Are you sure you want to end remote access to <Name of host>?" then I would have noticed that <Name of host> was not the machine I wanted to end access to.

This can be solved by changing the highlighted row immediately to reflect where the user is right-clicking so there is no ambiguity about which machine a given action will affect. That is, make it impossible for one row to be "highlighted" and user to bring up a right click menu by clicking on a different row by highlighting the row that was double clicked on.

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This is the behavior on Chrome and Firefox on macOS btw.


Good morning,

Thank you for reporting this. I have replicated the behavior in our test environment and registered an issue with development.



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