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Session disconnecting after starting a file transfer causing transfer to fail.

Kevin Monchamp 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 2

On prem server: V6.2.12963.6312

We have been having an issue with file transfers failing to complete. After starting a transfer the guest client shows the files starting to transfer and a progress bar. After a few seconds the session will briefly flash and appears to disconnect then reconnect almost instantly. The file transfer will remain stuck at the same percentage. It happens more than 50% of the time we try to do a file transfer. It did happen rarely to us on the last version of the server but has increased significantly since we updated.

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Waiting for information

Good afternoon,

Please update this thread with the following information:

1) On average, how large are the files you're transferring to the guest machines?

2) Does this behavior affect all guest machines, or only a subset of guest machines? If a subset, are all of the guest machines on the same network? Do the machines have the same operating system?

3) Can you provide an example host/guest environment in which this behavior occurs (e.g., host/guest operating system, AV installed on host/guest/server, other software installed on host/guest/server that may be interfering with network traffic)?

I have so far been unable to replicate the described behavior in our development environment.



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