Suspend Control At Startup Not working on v6.3

Ted G. Freitas 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 13

We have noticed on the recent v6.3 version of ConnectWise Control that the SuspendControlAtStartup functionality is not working when we connect to a guest system.

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This issue had been previously resolved in the 6.4 release of ConnectWise Control.


Good morning,

Thank you for submitting this information. I previously replicated this behavior in our environment and registered an issue with development. The issue is currently under investigation.



how can you have a stable build when SuspendControlAtStartup still does not work ..

you have a broken build .  its not STABLE .


idk but I would really like the feature fixed my clients keep complaining that I’m moving their mouse when I forget to manually select the option. 


Good morning,

As a workaround in 6.3.13446, you can join sessions with suspended input by holding shift and double clicking the session.

A resolution that restores functionality to the SuspendControlAtStartup app.config setting when using the .NET client should be available in 6.4.

Please see my comment below. A fix for this issue will be included in a 6.3 hotfix, to be released in the very near future.




WHAT wait for v6.4?!?!?! This is basic functionality so we have way for an entire new release to come out. Wow... I'm really disappointed!



this is horrible .  you have a broken product and release a stable build with a feature that has been in all builds for a while and working . now its broke and you can not fix ...

that is horrible business practice ...

very very very  disappointed!

While I don't have an ETA, a fix for the SuspendControlAtStartup issue will be included in a 6.3 hotfix to be released in the near future.

Still no hotfix?

Have you tried the latest eligible release?

Of course not. v6.4 ist pre-release and not stable.
Ben Burner mentioned a hotfix for the stable release 6.3.

Well I hate to say it, but I think it was a ploy to silence the bad press and so far and it has worked for the past two months. Honestly it triggered us to start looking at different solutions and we have just been dealing with it. That search actuall might cost SC a renewal this next year as we are now considering switching away from SC as bad as it sounds even though SC is one of the better products on the market.

6.4 is scheduled to go into Prerelease today or tomorrow.  We released an alpha last week. We typically allow a release to bake a bit before graduating it to the next step.  There was a planned 6.3 hotfix, but there was a high value issue discovered that took more time to remedy causing it to get bumped to 6.4.  We have moved to a quicker release schedule, so we can actually be more responsive when things like this occur.  Sorry for the delay in getting this fix out.  


This issue had been previously resolved in the 6.4 release of ConnectWise Control.

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