Mac Remote Support Client requires High Perf GPU

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The Mac version of the remote support client requires High Perf GPU, forcing macbooks to utilize the discrete graphics card. This is causing a reduced battery life on several of our machines, and customer machines.

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Good morning,

Thank you for submitting this information to the ConnectWise Control bug report forum. We are aware of this issue, and have determined that the underlying cause is a bug in OpenJDK, which the OS X client uses to capture the guest's screen (see this forum post for more details).

In any case, I have added your comments to the previously registered bug report so that the product management and development teams are aware of how this limitation is affecting partners.



This was posted a year ago, but I see that the issue still exists. What is being done to address this? I may need to uninstall the client from every MacBook Pro that we manage. I have users complaining about the battery drain that results from the discrete GPU being used by the agent.

Apologies for the late reply. We're expecting to receive hardware today or tomorrow that will enable us to examine this issue. I'll update here when we have more technical details.

Any updates on this yet?  I just got a brand new MacBook after being frustrated with the battery life of my last one, only to realize that ScreenConnect is the likely culprit...

This really does appear to be low priority. I'm going to deploy an uninstall script to every MacBook Pro that we take care of to remove ScreenConnect. This is ridiculous. Eric Davis says above that they're expecting to receive hardware that they can use to examine this issue, but this only shows that no one bothered to TEST ScreenConnect properly before it was released. A good developer would catch bugs like this, and get them corrected quickly. This has been going on over a year, and if it's not fixed yet, it probably never will be.

Agreed.  I uninstalled ScreenConnect on my Mac and it made an immediate impact on the fan/heat/battery drain rate.  I'll be doing this on the rest of the MacBooks we manage in the next few days...

Do you have any kind of MDM that you use to manage the Macs? If you do, I can send you the shell script that I created. You'll need to change the script to use the file name of the agent that was installed by your implementation of ConnectWise, but it should work well to quickly remove the agent from every Mac.

My Marketing team is experiencing the same issue with high battery drain. Looks like there's been no progress in the two years since this was posted :/

I think we can conclude from the time it has taken to actually do anything about this that ConnectWise simply does not care that their shoddy poorly designed software ruins the experience of MacBook Pro users by draining the battery. I absolutely will not install this software on a Mac with a dual GPU. I can get all day battery life out of my MacBook Pro, but if I had this shoddy software installed, I would get maybe 3-4 hours, if that. The longer ConnectWise sits on this and does nothing, the more I think that they just don't care. I'm going to work on getting my company to switch to something better that does not drain batteries.


Hi all, 

We're actively looking at this issue. Can you please confirm if this is being seen only when a machine is actively in a session, or at anytime when a Control agent is installed? Also, can everyone confirm if they are on Mojave or earlier?



It happens whether or not we are in session with a user. I have tested this many times. Right after the Screen Connect agent is installed, the MacBook Pro switches to the discrete GPU. This causes battery drain much faster than normal. I have had to remove it from several systems. This issue, and the fact that ConnectWise took MONTHS to add a signed certificate to Screen Connect shows that no one there really cares. Marginalizing Mac users went out with the early 2000s. WAKE UP! Apple is doing very well in enterprise. Get on board or be left behind.

I can confirm that this is an issue at all times - not just when connected. Often times it's the only thing on my computer that is keeping the "high perf" or discrete GPU running. This is on Mojave, 10.14.3.

We can confirm as well that it's draining battery at a prodigious rate constantly.


This issue occurs at all time when the control agent is installed. We have seen the issue on OSX 10.11 through 10.14

It's very concerning that ConnectWise STILL has not addressed this. I try not to use Screen Connect when I have to remote control someone's Mac. When ever possible, I VPN into my customer's network, and use Apple Remote Desktop. The ARD agent does not activate the discrete GPU and drain the battery. Like all other Apple software, it just works. There are other remote screen sharing agents on the market that do not drain the battery. I'm going to push hard to stop using Screen Connect on Macs. It is absolutely ridiculous and and inept for ConnectWise to allow this to continue. What ever we end up using, I think ConnectWise should pay for it since they won't fix their own software.

ETA on this? Last comment was 1 month ago with no response from Devs.

This needs to be resolved. Theres been way too long of a delay on this, without any update.

I don't think it will ever be resolved. Fortunately, VPN and Apple Remote Desktop have been able to allow me to provide remote support without this poorly written software. It's clear that ConnectWise does not consider Mac users any kind of priority. If they did, they would not have taken so long to sign their Screen Connect app so that we could white list it using an MDM server, and they still don't have a Mac version of the desktop app for ConnectWise.

Customer Service seems to be pretty damn brutal. They've had an automated email tell me four times that "We're closing your ticket as you have not responded", meanwhile i've been writing to them constantly asking for an update lol. This is embarrassing.

Please, give us an update in this thread on the progress.

Thank you,

Well I've threatened to do this a few times, but today I'm going to do it. I already have a script written to remove this crapware from all of the MacBook Pros that I manage. I will create a smart group in Jamf Pro and scope the uninstall policy to the members of the smart group. Within an hour or so, there will be no more ConnectWise Screen Connect on my MacBook Pros and my users can stop complaining about the crappy battery life. It's clear that ConnectWise looks at Mac users as low priority. This is evidenced by how slow they were to make their software compliant with the security features in macOS Mojave, and the fact that there is still no desktop client for ConnectWise Manage for Mac. Also, the iOS app sucks.

I too have a script to uninstall it.. Was thinking of doing it soon if we get no response. Been in touch with Customer Service for the past two months, who have been telling me that "there's nothing more we can do, as we're waiting on our development team to fix the issue"... Apparently it takes 2+ years to fix one issue. Very embarrassing, especially when this is a service you have to pay for to use.

I mentioned multiple times that i'd like a DevOps personnel to respond to this damn thread to at least give us an update.

Might end up just exclusively using Zoom as my remote access application at this point...


I'm actually sorry for being so harsh about this, but the silence from ConnectWise is a deafening indicator that they don't see this as a priority. The user experience is the most important thing in my work, and it should be for ConnectWise too!

Hi All, 

We're actively investigating this issue and potential solutions. As a Mac user myself, I understand the inconvenience this causes. 



Hi Caitlin,

Thank you for finally responding.

Is there an official update from the Dev team?

This post has been opened for 2+ years (which is INSANE to me) -- There needs to be more of an update than just "we're investigating".

Thank you,

Same issues here - or at least somewhat relating.

Macbook pro 2015 - intense CPU & therefore battery usage (lots of heat!) from control agent service/task when operating a remote access PC.

Even when un-focused the usage remains maximum.

Eventually crashes most of the time too.

Only thing that helps is manually clicking to minimise - just unfocusing is not enough to drop resources.

Still though, all usage is far too high. Logmein never used to do this.

I'm having clients complaining about this.   Now the Mac battery indicator calls out the programs that are causing the most battery drain and the Control Agent is always in the list.    This doesn't seem like it should be something all that hard to resolve.    I'm guessing maybe its the taking of the screenshots that keeps the GPU on even when no session is active, if nothing else give us an option to disable the screenshots, or an option to only enable them temporarily as needed.    What other features of the Agent would require the GPU be turned on when no active session is running.  

For this two be an ongoing issue for two years is concerning to say the least.    I think this might have more to do with the Connectwise acquisition, I think ScreenConnect would have made this a higher priority, but its my understanding from discussions with people inside Connectwise that they do not care about Mac's at all.    There is no development plans for additional features for the Mac Agent in Automate, there will never be a Mac Interface for Manage beyond whatever gets developed for web access.

Hi All, 

The fix for this issue was just released in our 19.6 canary build. 

Still can reproduce this on macOS 10.15.2 on a new MacBook Pro 16". OS says "High Energy consumption" and the client seems to use the GPU instead of the integrated graphics - even if not connected.

Hi Andreas, 

Are you testing this on our 19.6 preview build? The fix for this high perf gpu issue is in that 19.6 build, which hasn't been released to stable yet. 

Thanks for the reply!

We're currently on the latest stable release for macOS. I cannot find an 19.6 prerelease build for macOS here: https://www.connectwise.com/software/control/download

When will be the release of 19.6?


It's painfully obvious that no one at ConnectWise cares about this. This thread was opened over 3 years ago. It's pathetic. It's incompetent. It's crap.

... and expensive!

Hi All - this was fixed in our 19.6 release, which is now stable!

Works fine. Thanks!

Running the 19.6 version on my clients and the 19.6 version on my Mac, when I connect to a client, I see a black screen, and nothing else. While you may have fixed the GPU issue, the software is useless to me since I can't see what's on the client's computer.

I've encountered the problem with the blank screen before on my Mac. It turned out to be an issue with the Screen Recording permission after upgrading to Catalina. Is that your OS version? Maybe that's the case for you too? See the replies on this thread:


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