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Previous remote session screen retained

Computerdoc 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 8

I have a single session license, but often switch back and forth between two guests.  Several times when I switch, the display from the previous guest is shown in place of the current guest, and I have no remote control.  This display persists even if I shut down the previous guest.

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Good morning,

Thank you for reporting this behavior. Please update this thread with the following information:

1) Are you using an on-premise or cloud-hosted instance of Control?

2) If you are using an on-prem install of Control, on what operating system have you installed the server software (e.g., Linux, Windows, etc)?

3) Have you noticed this behavior from multiple host machines (machines from which you are connecting to sessions)? What OS(es) are installed on the host machines on which you've observed this behavior?

4) Does this behavior occur when you back-to-back join support sessions, access sessions, or both?

5) When the behavior occurs and the "display from the previous guest is shown in place of the current guest", do you mean you you are seeing a live view of the previous guest's desktop, or are you seeing the last captured (static) screenshot from the last connected guest?

6) When you "shut down the previous guest", do you mean disconnect from an access session, uninstall/end an access session, or disconnect/end a support session?

7) Have you installed any extensions (custom or otherwise) on your Control server? If so, which extensions are installed?



1) On-premise

2) Server software is on a Windows 10 machine

3) Yes, have noticed this when using my iMac or my iPad as host machine.  I have noticed this behavior when connecting to host machines running Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

4) Access sessions only

5) Last static screenshot from last connected guest

6) Disconnect from an access session

7) No extensions installed

Thank you for providing an update.

I am going to try to reproduce this behavior in our environment based on the information you've provided.

Would you mind confirming you've only ever witnessed this behavior when hosting from a Mac/iPad (i.e., when using the Mac Java client)? Have you ever witnessed this behavior when hosting a session using the .NET client? Also, what browser are you using to join the sessions when this behavior occurs?



Only from an iPad or iMac, using Safari.

Having trouble disconnecting from guest this afternoon.  Hosting from iPad.  In the past, clicked on arrow in upper left corner of screen to return to guests list and it would also disconnect me from that access session.  Now, I return to guests list but stay connected to previous guest.

Good afternoon,

I attempted to reproduce the behavior you describe by repeatedly connecting/disconnecting from Windows 7/8.1/10 access sessions using the latest version of the iOS app on an iPad, but have so far been unable to do so. I tested this against a 6.2.12936 server installed on a Windows 10 machine.

Are you joining the sessions on your iPad from Safari itself, or from within the ScreenConnect app (the browser should automatically launch the app after you double tap a session)?

Can you confirm the ScreenConnect app installed on the iPad is the latest version available through the App Store?

When you disconnect from the session by clicking the back arrow in the app, and see that you're still connected to the guest, does the connection persist indefinitely, or does the host page show that you're disconnected from the session after a few seconds?



Joining from the iPad app.  I update apps daily, assume it's the latest version.  How do I check that?

Connection persists indefinitely.  I usually stop then (as I can't connect to a different guest), return the next day, and guest has rebooted and program works normally (until it doesn't).

The App Store listing for the ScreenConnect app should include the version details. The latest version of the iOS app is 5.6.1, which was released on 2/17/2017.

I'm wondering if the ScreenConnect Legacy app produces the same behavior on your iPad? The legacy app is a more limited version of the ScreenConnect (non-legacy) app, and is also available for download from the App Store (it's version should be listed as 4.1).