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First character isn't captured

laddikey 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

After installing the ScreenConnect client on users PC's, I am getting reports that the first character is not being captured when first visiting a webpage that requires input.

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Good morning and thank you for your participation on the ConnectWise Control bug forum.

Please update this thread with the following information to facilitate troubleshooting:

1) Are you saying that when a host connects to a guest machine via ConnectWise Control, opens a browser, and attempts to enter data into an input field, the first character is not always sent to the guest's browser? Is there any discernible pattern as to which characters are not sent?

2) On what browser(s) have you encountered this issue (please include browser version if available)?

3) On what websites have you encountered this issue?

4) What operating system(s) is/are installed on the host and guest machines?

5) Have you installed any languages besides English on the guest machines?



Thanks for the quick feedback Ben. In response to your questions:

1) No, this is happening on the guest's machine (multiple users report the same issue) without any connections existing between a host. It simply began to happen after installing the ConnectWise client on the users computers.

2) This is happening when using Internet Explorer (version 11) & Chrome (version 57) with other versions also being possible

3) websites include (but not limited too): Outlook.live.com, aatrix.com, uhc.com, evernote.com, www.google.com, www.indeed.com

4) Windows 7 on all machines

5) English only

Thank you,


Good morning Michael,

Thank you for providing an update. So far, I have been unable to reproduce the described behavior in the following environment:

Guest: Windows 7 with latest updates installed (virtual machine); English (US) language

Guest client: Installed and running on Windows 7 machine; no hosts connected

Browsers: IE 11 and Chrome 58.0; navigated to a few of the sites listed above

I'm wondering if you have any AV software installed on the affected guest machines that may be interfering with keystrokes? Also, have you noticed this behavior outside the context of a browser? Are you using any IE add-ons or Chrome extensions?



hmmm, I have indeed looked over the AV software (that's where I started as it seemed a more natural point of failure in this instance) but found nothing errant there. I will continue testing and perhaps uninstall in order to isolate the culprit.

Thank you,