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Duo 2FA with Firefox always fails

pfp 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 4

User attempting to log on with Duo 2FA on Firefox. Control never accepts the 2FA auth even when it has been done correctly. Message states that the password was incorrect and another push message is sent.

Switched the user to Chrome and it works fine.

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Good afternoon,

I tested the Duo Push 2FA on the latest version of Firefox for Windows (v53.0.2), and was unable to reproduce the described behavior in 6.2.12963.

Can you confirm the user is approving/confirming the duo push on their device, and then clicking Login on the one time password page? There is no need for the user to enter anything into the one time password text box if they're using Duo Push 2FA.



100% sure that the user was approving/confirming the Duo push on mobile and then clicking the logon button exactly as they should be doing it.

Not sure what vertsion of Firefox though.

Thank you for the update. I will keep an eye out for other reports of similar behavior. In the meantime, please update this thread if you gather any additional environmental information related to the reported behavior.


Are you still experiencing this issue now that 6.5 has been released?