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Probleme with ctrl+alt+del

Claude Legendre 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Hi, since couple month, we notice a probleme with the ctrl+alt+del function. On some PC were not able to log in to computer as the ctrl+alt+del doesn't work ... Only the host can do it localy.

We found that if we go and change in group policy : Computer configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Login Options

and activate the feature "Disable or Enable software Secure Attention Sequence"

Like this:

This way it worked back.

Do you have any idea how to prevent this ?


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Good afternoon,

How was the "Disable or Enable software Secure Attention Sequence" GPO configured prior to updating it to what's depicted in the screenshot?

Per the help text, if it was disabled or not configured, then the client service would have been prevented from simulating the SAS (CAD) on the secure desktop.

Also, on which guest (the machine you're connecting to) operating systems did you observe this behavior prior to updating the GPO?



Hi By default the GPO is not configure and usaly its working without touching this GPO. Somehow its stop working until we change the GPO.

Here is the default Settings:

The guest Machine is one of our Client that we have a support plan with.

Do we have to Enable this feature ? Its might be a security issue after that no ?