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$OTHEROR $OTHERAND Not Functioning

Joey Felps 5 years ago updated by Ben Burner 5 years ago 4

I am using 6.2.12963.6312 RELEASE version, and it seems that my "Lost & Found" session group is no longer functioning using NOT $OTHEROR. I've attempted using $OTHERAND and $OTHEROR.

The Lost & Found group tells me if the session has been filed correctly. The only group they do exist in are "All Machines" which I've attempted to delete, and that does not resolve the problem either.
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Good afternoon,

I was unable to reproduce the behavior you described using the latest release, 6.2.12963.

To test, I defined three access session groups in the following way:

All Machines (default definition, no session filter or subgroup expression)


Session Filter: CustomProperty1 LIKE 'CLOUD'

Lost & Found

Session Filter: NOT $OTHEROR

I tested with three access sessions: Machine 1, Machine 2, and Machine 3. Only Machine 1 has Organization (CustomProperty1) set to CLOUD. As such, the CLOUD session group contains Machine 1, and the Lost & Found session group contains Machine 2 and Machine 3. Of course, the All Machines session group contains Machine 1, Machine 2, and Machine 3:

Can you confirm that if you install a new access client on a new machine and set it's Organization (CustomProperty1) field to something like "NotInAnyGroupButAllMachines", the new session does not exist in any previously defined access session group, including Lost & Found?

If this continues to be an issue, I would be happy to schedule a session to take a look at your instance.



Hey Ben,

I just changed one of my customers organizations to "NotInAnyGroupButAllMachines" and have the same results. If you'd like to schedule a session we can go over what I've done thus far.


Joey Felps

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