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WPF app losing focus

ksearcy 4 years ago updated by Ben Burner 4 years ago 1

We have a WPF application that runs in a kiosk type environment. Recently(3 months ago) we started using screen connect and noticed that sometimes when a popup happens within our app the focus of the popup gets lost. This only happens on the units we have screen connect on and have tested after removing the client and it solves the issue. We have had reports from users saying it happens when we are not remotely connected as well. We have used other remote tools in the past were this did not cause an issue.

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Good afternoon,

In your application, do you know how the popup is implemented in code? In other words, are you using the Popup class to implement this feature, or is the popup implemented as a separate window from the main application window?

Also, what versions of Windows and .NET are installed on the kiosks?

When the kiosk application's popup loses focus, does another window element gain focus?