ConnectWise Control 21.15

Timothy Huynh 4 weeks ago in Control updated 4 days ago 4

21.15.5273 (2021-11-02)

21.15.5452 (2021-11-15)

21.15.5652 (2021-11-19)

21.15.5685 (2021-11-22)


  • Mono build notes here

Build: 21.15.5273


Issue Type Components Summary
Task .NET Client, Guest Client, Host Client

Refactor Client UI Commands to enforce more type safety

Task Authentication

Increase 2FA timeout sent via email to 10 minutes-product

Task Database, Windows Server

SQLite static initializer continually throws out of memory exception

Task Host Page

Show the Top and Context Menus in 'live preview' link - Product Side Changes

Story Remote Printing, Security

Remove 'Transfer Files in Session' requirement for Remote Printing

Bug Relay Service, Router

Relay/router can get fragmented OverlappedDatas

Bug Security

Password reset codes always start with a few useless 0's

Build: 21.15.5452


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Backstage

Make the default Control Host role not have the SwitchLogonSession and the EnableBackstageLogonSession permission out-of-the-box

Task Server

Make base project compliant with Obsolete definitions

Task Session Manager Service

Optimize SessionManager/SessionFilterManager to not calculate permissions as part of initial listing

Story Administration Page, Triggers, UIUX

Update Trigger page UI

Story Security Service, Triggers

Expose security events to the trigger builder

Story Security Service, Triggers

Add default security event triggers

Story Triggers

Add Syntax Helper Expressions to Create Security Trigger Modal

Story Triggers

Create Security Event Trigger Modal

Story Triggers

Create Security Event Reference

Story Triggers

Update 'Session Event' Create Trigger Modal Title

Story Triggers

Additional default triggers

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

Toast appears on machines when host connects/disconnects after joining directly to backstage

Bug Page Service

Host page is unable to load with a 500 GetHostSessionInfo

Bug Page Service

Null array element creates error when subgroup disappears

Bug Security Service

Creating a new role with no permissions causes Security tab to not load

Bug Session Manager Service

Extensions have broken backwards compat due to new SessionGroupPathParts

Bug Session Manager Service

OldSession.CustomPropertyX in triggers don't preserve values from old session


Build: 21.15.5652


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Performance, Relay Service, Router

Rewrite socket server to directly use IOCP for async sockets

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client, Host Client

NullReferenceException crashes client when a Host attempts to connect if there are any disabled Host client menu items

Bug Guest Client, Linux

Host client shows a blank screen when connecting to a Linux guest

Build: 21.15.5685


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug .NET Client

Host client message banner doesn't show username

Bug Router

Router can frequently crash with an ArgumentNullException