ConnectWise Control 21.2

Timothy Huynh 3 weeks ago in Control updated 3 days ago 4

21.2.1937 (2021-01-05)

21.2.2010 (2021-01-11)

21.2.2092 (2021-01-20)


  • Mono build notes here

Build: 21.2.1937


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Administration Page, status page

Add framework for Overview page

Task Host Page

Further asyncify web service

Task session capture

Make session capture file downloads open in a new tab to prevent breakdown of web app

Story status page

Create Security Settings Tile

Story status page

Create Status Tile

Story status page

Database Tile

Bug Relay Service

Exception getting toolbox crashes server in 20.11

Bug Server

Enabled but not configured AD/LDAP can take down an instance


Build: 21.2.2010


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Administration Page, status page

Security Settings Tile issues

Bug Web Application, Web Resource

Auth panel instructions element no longer renders HTML content

Bug Web Server Service

503 in 20.13

Build: 21.2.2092


Issue Type Components Summary
Task .NET Client

Prompt to elevate treats close button like OK button after failing

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

UAC elevation can fail with "The requested user is not an administrator" when elevating support session

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

Credentials form can erroneously display "The requested user is not an administrator"

Bug Authentication, Web Server Service

Login with Azure AD SAML source can produce "Bad signature of SAML response" error until services are restarted

Bug Login Page, Web Application

Login Page not rendering correctly on non-Chromium Edge

Bug Web Application, Web Server Service

After upgrade to 20.13, changing the defaultdocumentname setting in the web.config to the Login page doesn't work