ConnectWise Control 20.12

Timothy Huynh 2 months ago in Control updated 2 weeks ago 6

20.12.1098 (2020-09-16)

20.12.1285 (2020-10-01)

20.12.1373 (2020-10-07)

20.12.1480 (2020-11-06)

20.12.1623 (2020-11-10)


  • Mono build currently unavailable

Build: 20.12.1098


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Extension Runtime

Add core helper methods for use by Continuum integration extension

Story-bug Manage Toolbox

Still can't create/delete/rename Toolbox items

Story Authentication, OAuth2, SAML, Security

Add role mapping configuration in external login membership providers

Story Extension, Host Page

Improve discoverability of Extension Marketplace

Bug Guest Client

Unable to reinstall access clients on 20.11

Bug Host Client

Unable to copy/paste, drag/drop or send/receive files during a session

Bug Host Page

Icon tool tips are not visible if fourth column is collapsed

Bug Host Page

Join command in Host page creates an error on the console

Bug Installer

Installer fails to require .NET 4.7.2

Bug internal

Unable to create/delete/rename Toolbox items

Bug License Page

Update on-prem license logic for Automate licenses

Bug Relay Service

Guests go offline often

Bug .NET Client, Host Client, Remote Printing

Unable to remote print in 20.11

Bug SAML, Security

Tighten restrictions on SAML assertions

Bug Server

Thread pool exhausts due to Cache.GetValue calls invoking async

Bug Triggers

Trigger does not fire

Bug Administration Page, Security, User Sources

User cannot be saved with a blank Password Question


Build: 20.12.1285


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Audit Page

Cannot scroll down to see Audit Log

Bug Database

Session manager won't start when configured with SQL Server

Bug Host Client

Mobile clients have connection issues on 20.11+

Bug Relay Service

Server process can crash with System.IO.PipeException on 20.11

Build: 20.12.1373


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Backstage

Crash due to message not being validated fully

Bug Extended Auditing

Downloading a session capture video throws an error in browser

Bug Extended Auditing

A single session capture is shown in multiple downloads

Bug Installer

Empty or malformed app.config can cause a server upgrade to fail

Build: 20.12.1480


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Guest Page, Host Page

Cannot drag and drop to move modal dialog

Bug Relay Service

Instance process on ScreenConnect_20.11.1372.7585_Release can repeatedly crash upon unhandled System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException

Bug Relay Service

Wake On Lan not working as expected after upgrade to 20.11

Build: 20.12.1623


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Router

Router service on-prem doesn't forward traffic

Bug Server

20.11 server crashing regularly due to object disposed exception