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"chat did not take place during this session" time entry created in Connectwise when using link to control a client

Andy Helsby 6 months ago updated 6 months ago 0

I don't see a bug here listed even though Connectwise support in ticket 13970359 told me it would be in the system and to check here for an update.

Every time the control button is used to start a new session on a configuration within the connectwise app a new time entry, created as billable time is added to the Connectwise ticket with the text of "Chat does not exist"

This ends up with the potential for double billing the client due to the additional time entry that is created for the session length. Instead our techs have to review their time entries for the day, open every time entry and hit delete. A slow process that could involve many time entries a day.

Has happened since an update in September 2019 update

Does anyone else have this issue?