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Unrecoverable connectwise clients

Josh Jacklin 7 months ago updated 5 months ago 3

Good Morning Connectwise devs!

There is a current issue/bug of which the Connectwise Clients are showing as offline in the control panel despite the device being online and when the customer checks the client is sat "Waiting for your host".

There is currently no option for the client to be refreshed on the customer end and the reinstall option or the wake option tries to contact the machine but nothing happens. The only way around it is to perform a temporary session with the customer and to manually reinstall the client which isn't ideal.

I know there was a Bitdefender issue a little while ago which was resolved which the software inadvertently removed the client from the host machine however this has been resolved for sometime now.

I have had this happen across 10 different devices on different networks over the space of two weeks which leads me to believe there's an bug or an issue somewhere with the client.

Would you kindly be able to test this and as a suggestion for a future feature add an option for the customer to refresh the application on the customer end please?

Thank you for your time with this.

Kind Regards,


Good Afternoon Team, 

Is there any updates regarding this as this is quite a serious problem?

Kind Regards,


Hi Josh, 

Did you contact Support about this issue? 

Good Morning Caitlin,

Thank you for your reply and for taking the time to come back to me. 

I did and they informed me that it was a known issue. 

"Currently we have known issue for this our dev team is working on it hopefully issue could be resolved as soon as possible." - Ticket: 15006791

I saw my post was under review and has quite a few followers so just wanted to see if there was any progress.

Kind Regards,