ConnectWise Control View does not work on S20s

Andoni Usubiaga 1 year ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 12 months ago 9

When I try setting up ConnectWise Control View, it does not work on S20s. I get an error message "Error requesting your camera/microphone: Could not Start video source". I get the same error message on chrome, edge and samsung internet.I have in each app allowed permissions for camera and microphone but i have no luck. i tried this with multiple s20's and they have the same issue. It works on our s10's and iphones. My s20 is up to date and i have restarted my phone multiple times. I also tried wiping the cached partition. I am registering an external Bug report on this issue. So when devs create the internal issue, support can have them link it.

Oops, I meant to post this comment on another thread. My apologies.


Same problem here, although if I select to view the front camera from the view app then that works.  So issue is not being able to view back camera for me on all browsers.

I noticed that you have the topic set as planned. Is there a road map to have this feature working on the Samsung S20s?

The bug is in development. I'll have an update in 2 weeks once the sprint ends.

Just checking in after 2 weeks as promised. The bug is still under active development.