Ability To See Camera On iPhone From Presenter POV.

Max 3 years ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 11 months ago 7

Currently, when accepting a link to broadcast/stream, Android phones display the Camera feed whereas iPhone devices only display a white page with the camera/video icon in the top left. It would be nice to have the option to display the live feed on the recording apple device as well.

Under review

Thank you for reaching out. You can already do this with the current build of the iOS app. From the guest side of the app, after the guest joins the session, they can find text below the instructions for iOS broadcasting which will initiate legacy mode: "Cannont share your screen? Show legacy mode". From there, you can access the camera.

Hi maxdsadsad@inboxbear.com,

Are you having this issue with View or the iOS app? 

With View (Beta Feature). When a user takes the link via text/email it just shows the camcorder symbol in the corner and a white Safari page for the user.

What browser did you launch View from as the coordinator?

Browser requirements can be found here

This should be fixed. Are you still experiencing this issue?