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Option to use touchID authentication for iOS app

Mike Bannerman 6 years ago updated by Adam Schwartz 3 years ago 7

Partner request for the option to use TouchID for iOS devices to log into the SC app.

Available in Version:

Has there been any progress in allowing TouchID/FaceID authentication in the iOS and/or (less importantly) Mac clients? Having to continually encourage staff to use and manually type strong passwords via touchscreen on our devices for more than 2 years has been a real disappointment since TouchID and/or FaceID has been available and common on modern smart devices for such a long time now.


This has been under review for a really long time now. Has there been any update on consideration for implementing this yet?

This is really important and is a very basic security feature for iOS. Please add FaceID/TouchID it should be quite easy. It’s a simple adjustment with a major impact to productivity and security.