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Allow Admins to adjust the time before a OTP expires

Mike Bannerman 6 years ago updated by joe 4 weeks ago 3

Current Behavior: Once the OTP is requested the password is good for 5 min.

Requested behavior: Customer would like to be able to adjust the time before expiration in the UI of the Admin Page.

Nice to Have: Message stating how long the password is eligible.

Available in Version:
password security email expire one_time_password otp timeout

I up-voted this, but since it was submitted 6 years ago with no response from ScreenConnect/ConnectWise (in fact, still shows as Pending Review), I presume it has fallen into the infamous Enhancement Request Black Hole. :) So, I decided to submit a new request: https://control.product.connectwise.com/en/communities/1/topics/3562-one-time-password-login-verification-code-email-timeout