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Add/remove the need for consent per device instead of all or nothing

matt.langdon@rmmsolutions.com 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 5 2 duplicates

Add a way to add/remove the need for consent for workstations and servers per device in a session group instead of all or nothing.

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Considering for Future Release

Can we please also look into allowing End User to have privilege to end the Support Session.

I would like to see this as well.  While we do not use labtech integration, I am not finding this functionality with screenconnect.  Basically we need a simplified way to be able to select a guest and maybe via a checkbox property, set only that particular guest to have to consent to the connection.  We only have a handful of clients who, for HIPPA reasons, need the ability to consent to accept a remote session interactively.   We currently cannot use screenconnect for these clients.