Considering for Future Release

High Availability / Active-Active Load Balancing

Sol 6 years ago updated by Joakim 12 months ago 7

Hi all,

It would be nice to have some built in functionality and support for High Availability scenarios. We run over 5000 unattended sessions, and when there are issues or updates that means downtime to our business.

Basic HA would be relatively easy to accomplish on Windows by utilizing Windows Failover Clustering. This would likely work already but not be officially supported.

Cross platform and active-active Clustering could be achieved by leveraging a load balancing service or system and allowing for some basic communication between cluster nodes such as service status and settings replication.

Available in Version:

We running quite a lot of agents and having SC go down for a moment is tough, need to have a HA option.


I second this.

This is a much needed feature.

Considering for Future Release

This is a very much needed feature. Would be great of CW Control would just run in a docker instance and I could just tell Kubernetes how many nodes I needed. I'm sure I could get it going. I just haven't had time to sit down and make it happen yet. Would likely need a key per node with CW Control's current license structure, but that's something we'd be willing to handle for a little HA. ;)


This is still a very important feature that is needed.

To the decision makers of ConnectWise Control features. This feature is a must have for large customers with many sites around the world. We would like to have a connectwise server in each region, APAC, AMER, EMEA.