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Computer Name + Organization Info on top bar

Peter OTools 5 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 10 months ago 13 4 duplicates

This is a must, I guess, for everyone.

It's important when you open a session, to see Computer's name on the top left corner.

But as important as this, is to have also:

* Organization (field) where you put particular info for this session)
* User (field)

I have to work with more than one session at a time very often.

So It's hard to relate by Computer Name, instead to see to whom each session (pc) belongs (user) when I switch between those. Confused

I did ask for this suggestion already, but I'd like to see it in this new release, please !


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Considering for Future Release

+1   Please add this feature. Incredibly easy to get mixed up with multiple sessions and during mass maintenance.


Yes we have many servers named SERVER and having several open at the same time can be a bit confusing. Either we have to check the domain name or put a txt file on the desktop with the organisation name.



This request would really make our lives easier.


This would be very helpful.  It would be best to have it named as such.  "Client Name - Computer/Host Name" 


Come on ConnectWise. This has to be an incredibly simple change to make. Maybe we need to get more people in the community to bump this to get their attention. This is an enhancement that was suggested over 3 years ago.

We have many servers called SERVER or EXCHANGE or SQL at different client sites - and distinguishing between them with a half dozen open at once is difficult  - so adding a field for CLIENT/CUSTOMER to the HOSTNAME at top of screen and in Windows title bar would be very helpful.

I agree with al the comments above, please add this simple feature!

This would make it a lot easier to verify i'm on the correct machine, especially when I have multiple clients DC1's open at the same time.