Considering for Future Release

Custom keyboard shortcuts for send Ctrl+Alt+Del and Send Clipboard Keystrokes

Iggy 5 years ago updated by Sebastien Boulianne 7 months ago 16

I would like to request the ability to map custom keyboard shortcuts to the above mention functions.

Available in Version:

Iggy, for Windows Ctrl+Alt+Del shortcut is mapped as Ctrl+Alt+Home. View other shortcuts here: https://help.screenconnect.com/Keyboard_mapping_and_keyboard_shortcuts_reference

Sending Clipboard Keystrokes will remain a valid request. Thanks!

I have received requests from techs for a shortcut for send clipboard as keystrokes as they use this every single time they connect to something.

Came here to open a new request for this and forgot that I had already found one a few months ago and then was sad to see zero movement on it. I really don't care if we have the ability to customize the shortcut so much as that there just be a shortcut for send clipboard keystrokes. Here is a link to the current keyboard shortcuts if anyone is looking for it while reading this request. https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Get_started/Knowledge_base/Keyboard_mapping_and_keyboard_shortcuts_reference

SW MSP Anywhere uses CTRL+SHIFT+X for this, seems like a pretty good choice. Of course ideally all KB shortcuts would be configurable.

I don't really care if I can customize it.  I just need A keyboard shortcut for clipboard keystrokes.

We're transitioning from MSP Anywhere which does have it, and we use it dozens of times every day.   Having to click it instead will end up costing us real man-hours over time.

Considering for Future Release

Have been checking on this request for a while so thought I should add to it. We do the send clipboard most times we connect to a server and it would be so much easier to have a shortcut key for it. CTRL+ALT+V would make most sense to me but anything will do really. 

Been waiting for this for over 2 years now. Got excited when saw the "Considering for Future Release" tag but 9 months after still nothing.

Like others above, in most cases I can work around whatever hotkeys are assigned (though Ctrl+Alt+Ins would be nice), I'd just like to see one implemented.


I was really hoping that there was a shortcut for sending keystrokes instead of navigating to the UI. Why hasn't this feature been implemented yet? Its been three years now.


I see this is a rather old thread, but agree that a shortcut key combo needs to be added for Send Keyboard Keystrokes. I can ctrl-alt-del using a shortcut key, but then need to leave the keyboard and go back to my mouse to paste the password. Gave this my up vote.


This is a much needed feature. Please add hot key capabilities for "Send Clipboard Keystrokes"

Is this going to be a feature in the near future? This is so much needed feature!!!

Another bump for this one. The adding of links for send ctrl+alt+del was nice, as well as send saved creds, but the hotkeys would be brilliant too.

Another bump for Sending Clipboard Keystrokes to something like CTL+SHIFT+X like N-Able.