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Ability to download and not run tools

jhardwick 5 years ago updated 1 month ago 15

There are times where I'd just like to save the tool to the remote machine and not launch it. How about an option to right click from the toolbox and choose what you would like to do... download only, download and run (as admin), download and run as examples?

Available in Version:

As a workaround, you can put into a self-extracting zip file so that the only thing it does is extract itself.

Correct version 5.6 has the SCAPP self-extracting zip already built in. this way you can send down files and then place them where you want them through a batch file in the SCAPP file.

run as admin would be great. currently have to zip and then find the file and then rightclick. spacesniffer is a prime example that we use a lot.

Considering for Future Release

Another good reason for this feature is when you want to run a tool that has a separate settings (or license) file.  Send the accessory files over first (without running) and then send over the main tool to be run automatically.

I agree.  Many remote support tools that offer anything to do with files or a toolbox allow simply a download and not only a forced run.  One can of course let it run but cancel and go grab the file in the My Doc -> custom named CW folder they make -> TEMP folder and MOVE it outside that folder so it safely will stay when the session is close (otherwise it will get deleted) ....but the best option is simply add a 3rd option in the right click of a toolbox file and call it DOWNLOAD and either force it to the normal My Doc -> custom named CW folder they make -> FILES folder or a new one maybe DOWNLOADS ....or even allow any folder ...either is fine as long as a true download option is added instead of having to trick it with a .zip file or go grab the already run file quickly trick.

Wow, I see a notice of an update..and go hey that's a good idea and then realize it's my own request from over five years ago. :(