Considering for Future Release

Add setting to allow Backstage to not lock when Lock on disconnect is enabled

Jpafundi 4 months ago updated by John W 1 week ago 5

Backstage option to prevent auto lock just for Backstage 

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Hi Jpafundi,

We have started looking into this requirement and would like to know How are you joining backstage when problem occurs 1.Starting a regular session and then swapping to backstage or 2. via 'Join with Options'?

Can you please help us with a use case?

@Rishikesh, the issue happens regardless of the join method.

This is not a feature request. This has been the functional implementation for almost 2 years, no matter how it was retroactively "intended" to work.

Considering for Future Release

Ours broke recently after upgrading control to version 22.6 from 22.5 and it only locked when ending console sessions, which is how we need it to occur.